Plenary Session

Dec 2nd 2019, Main Conference Hall A

10:30 – 13:00 Invited Lectures

PL1    Josu TAKALA                          University of Vaasa, Finland
Validating a decision making method basing on technology and knowledge priorities for sustainable strategies for innovative start-ups

PL2    Tadeusz SAWIK                      AGH University of Science and Technology Cracow, Poland
Supply chain disruption management using multi-portfolio approach

PL3   Lech BUKOWSKI                     The University of Dabrowa Górnicza, Dabrowa Górnicza, Poland
Ensuring supply continuity using an extended risk matrix. Can the proportion expressing the nature beauty support a risk assessment?

Trends in Logistics

  • Latest Trends and Innovations in Logistics and SCM
  • Sustainable, Lean, Green, Resilient, and Smart Logistics and SCM
  • Supply Chain Network Design and Collaboration
  • Supply Chain Planning, Forecasting and Performance Management

Production Logistics

  • Purchase (Inbound) Logistics
  • Manufacturing (Internal) Logistics
  • Distribution (Outbound) Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics

Transport and Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Analysis and Control
  • Packaging and Handling
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation and Transport

Cross-Functional Logistics and Supply Chain Drivers

  • Information and Communication Technologies in Logistics and SCM
  • Marketing, Economics, Human Resource, and Legal Aspects of Logistics and SCM
  • Innovations, Project, Change, and Quality Management in Logistics and SCM
  • Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence Tools for Logistics and SCM

Poster Session - Logistic at all

Only posters, focused on the above mentioned themes, will be accepted.